2017 RISK Award – “...and the winner is: EpiNurse from Nepal!”

2017 RISK Award – “...and the winner is: EpiNurse from Nepal!”

The 2017 RISK Award praises and funds a project that enhances disaster preparedness through innovative information and communication technologies. It supports prevention and control of communicable diseases following a disaster. The winning contribution was presented by the Nursing Association of Nepal (NAN). >more

2017 RISK Award First-hand News

The RISK Award First-Hand News provides insights into ten outstanding projects which have made it to the final evaluation round of the 2017 RISK Award. We briefly introduce innovative ideas on how to use ICT to make a difference. For safety, empowerment and resilience. >more

RISK Award: The film

The RISK Award has been set up to help improve risk reduction and disaster management by providing financial support to projects dedicated to this topic. A short movie provides insights. >more

A new focus: Preparing Denotified and Nomadic Tribes in India for disaster risk

The RISK Award 2015 has a new focus. Our partners from AIILSG now include one of the most vulnerable populations: Nomadic tribes in India. >more