The 2014 RISK Award goes to ONG Inclusiva, Peñaflor in Chile

The 2014 RISK Award goes to ONG Inclusiva, Peñaflor in Chile

People with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to disasters because of health, architectural and technological barriers. The 2014 RISK Award funds a project in Chile dedicated to improving the inclusion of these people in risk management. The prize was awarded at the opening ceremony of the IDRC 2014 in Davos. >more

2015 RISK Award: Call for proposals “Disaster risk reduction – people-centered, innovative and sustainable”

The risks resulting from population development, environmental and climate change are increasing. Complex technical systems and infrastructure are additional risk factors. We recognise the need to address this development. The RISK Award will contribute to improved risk reduction by providing financial support to a project dedicated to these issues. >more

New publication: 2014 RISK Award - First-hand news

77 organisations from 44 countries have applied for the second RISK Award. This publication summarises a selection of the best project proposals 2014. They provide valuable information on how effective inclusive disaster risk management can be implemented. >more

Beira – Poor people becoming more resilient against floods

31 May 2013 - Mozambique is facing increasing threats from weather events and climate change. Coastal areas are especially affected, mainly by rising sea levels and stronger tropical cyclones. In coastal cities, densely populated suburbs with informal townships are especially exposed to natural hazards. >more