About the RISK Award

Why is there a need for action?

The risks posed by population development, environmental and climate change are increasing. Complex technical systems and infrastructure are additional risk factors. The Award partners recognise the need to address this development. The RISK Award has been set up to help improve risk reduction and disaster management by providing financial support to projects dedicated to this topic.

Prize and awarding ceremonies
The RISK Award, endowed with 100.000 €, will be assigned to operational projects in the field of risk reduction and disaster management. The prize will be awarded every two years. The International Disaster and Risk Conference (IDRC), organised by GRF Davos, and the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Geneva, organised by UNISDR, will host the awarding ceremonies. The endowment for the RISK Award is provided by the Munich Re Foundation. 

We hold recent disasters such as the earthquake and tsunami in Japan (2011), the earthquake in Haiti (January 2010), the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (April 2010), the floods in Pakistan (August 2010) and Australia (January 2011), and the heat wave and wildfires in Russia (summer 2010) to be indicative of the increasing devastation and variety of disasters the world is facing today.

We draw attention to the fact that risk and disasters threaten development and security. Disaster Risk Management must become a major global concern.

We underline the fact that the world’s growing population combined with expanding urbanisation and the exposure of people and values to risk has aggravated the risk potential for communities and nations. Climate change is exacerbating the risk situation.

We believe that in order to support prevention, intervention and fast recovery from unexpected events, it is crucial to promote projects and programmes in the field of risk reduction and disaster management along the guidelines of the Hyogo Framework for Action strategy.